While Google plans to offer 10 Mode on Android in the wider operating system environment and has already added this feature to many Android applications, there are still many key applications on the platform that They suffer from a lack of dark theme and users are interested in seeing their white texts on a dark background. One of these apps is Gmail.

But the trend seems to be changing. According to Android Central, some social network users have shared images that suggest the addition of Dark Fashion to the Gmail app. When it comes to your phone, there will be three choices: Light, Dark and System Default.

Dark Mode has been added to the latest version of Gmail

To access the dark theme, first of all, make sure you have the latest version of the Gmail app, 2019.08..267044774. While some Android users have stated that they have not received the dark theme even with the latest version of Gmail installed. But they have reported that the Gmail widget automatically darkens the theme. To see if this feature has been added to App Gmail, open the app and select the three-line menu at the top left, next to the search menu. Then scroll down to the General Settings option in the Settings section.

Google has added Dark Mode to some of its applications to protect the eyes of users, especially those that have Google Design Material. White and light themes are said to cause eye damage, muscle strain and even blindness. Also, at night when the lights are off and the room is dark, programs with a white background can cause insomnia and even annoyance to other people there. The dark theme can reverse this by reversing background color and text.

Of course, there is no guarantee that Dark Mode will be available to you. While this option is not available to everyone at this time, it will happen soon.


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